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The Little American

Released July 02, 1917

Role: Angela More
Co-stars: Jack Holt, Raymond Hatton, Hobart Bosworth, James Neill, Ben Alexander, Lila Lee
Prod/Dist Co: Mary Pickford Film Corporation/Artcraft Pictures Corporation
Director: Cecil B. DeMille
Screenwriter: Jeanie Macpherson, Cecil B. DeMille and Clarence J. Harris (uncredited)
Cinematographer: Alvin Wyckoff
Filming Location: Famous Players-Lasky Studio at 1520 Vine St. in Hollywood, CA
Produced by Mary Pickford

Original review from  Chicago Tribune  (June 30, 1917):

The Little American, Mary Pickford’s latest production, announced by many one of the most remarkable pictures that has appeared in months. The picture was directed by Cecil B. DeMille and is, without a doubt, a masterpiece of directing, acting and photography.