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The Eternal Grind

Released April 17, 1916

Role: Mary
Co-stars: Loretta Blake, Dorothy West, John Bowers, Robert Cain, J. Albert Hall
Prod/Dist Co: Famous Players Film Company/Paramount Pictures
Director: John B. O’Brien
Screenwriter: William H. Clifford
Cinematographer: Emmett Williams

Original review from  Everybody’s Magazine  (May 1916):

Mary Pickford’s recent film, ‘The Eternal Grind,’ is typical. She works in a sweat-shop. How poor she is! And how sweaty is that shop! But how bravely she bears it! … Then comes villainy. She looks into his eyes. And, really, she is a magnificent actress, and that is the sort of moment when she is at her best. Her face can change from happy innocence to suspicion, to dread, to flaming hate, while still retaining all its innocence…