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A Kiss From Mary Pickford

Released September 09, 1927

A Kiss From Mary Pickford - 1927

Role: Mary Pickford
Co-stars: Igor Ilyinsky, Anel Sudakevich, Vera Malinovskaya, Douglas Fairbanks
Prod/Dist Co: Mezhrabpom-Rus
Director: Sergei Komarov
Screenwriter: Sergei Komarov
Filming Location: Soviet Union

During their travels in the Soviet Union in 1926, Doug and Mary were recorded by the director Sergei Komarov and his crew. The couple knowingly participated in the filming as a gesture of support for the Russian film industry.  At Mezhrapom Film Studios, Pickford embraced and planted a kiss on actor Igor Ilyinski and Komarov decided to build a full-length feature around this shot, as a result, A Kiss From Mary Pickford, was released in the Soviet Union in 1927.