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Released May 14, 1926

Role: Molly
Co-stars: Roy Stewart, Mary Louise Miller, Gustave von Seyffertitz, Charlotte Mineau, Spec O’Donnell, Lloyd Whitlock
Prod/Dist Co: The Pickford Corporation/United Artists
Director: William Beaudine, Tom McNamara (uncredited)
Screenwriter: Story by Winifred Dunn, adaptation by C. Gardner Sullivan, titles by George Marion, Jr.
Cinematographers: Charles Rosher, Karl Struss, Hal Mohr
Filming Location: Pickford-Fairbanks Studios in Hollywood, CA
Produced by Mary Pickford

Original review from the  Los Angeles Times  (April 25, 1926):

Among the pictures Mary Pickford has made in the past five or six years, ‘Sparrows’stands absolutely supreme. By many it will, in fact, be acclaimed her greatest picture. … For ‘Sparrows’ is not only a remarkable triumph for its star – it is one of the most human and thrilling experiences that has ever been offered through the medium of the screen.

Clips from Sparrows

Music by The Graves Brothers.