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Fanchon the Cricket

Released May 10, 1915

Fanchon the Cricket Poster

Role: Fanchon, the cricket
Co-stars: Jack Standing, Lottie Pickford, Gertrude Norman, Russell Bassett, Richard Lee, Jack Pickford
Prod/Dist Co: Famous Players Film Company/Paramount Pictures
Director: James Kirkwood
Screenwriter: James Kirkwood, Frances Marion (uncredited), based on the 1849 novel  La Petite Fadette  by George Sand
Cinematographer: Edward Wynard
Filming Location: Delaware Water Gap, PA

Note: According to Fred Astaire, the young performer met all three Pickfords while visiting the set in Delaware Water Gap.

Original review from  The Moving Picture World  (May 22, 1915):

The charm of the cricket has made its appeal to the poets from the days of Anacreon, but there was never a sweeter cricket than Fanchon and let me hasten to add there never was a Fanchon like Mary Pickford. Yes, I know that the greatest of the French and the English and the American stars have attempted and have successfully rendered Fanchon, but I stick to my belief that none ever surpassed and few approached the work of Mary Pickford.

Clips from Fanchon the Cricket

Original score by Julian Ducatenzeiler & Andy Gladbach.