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Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall

Released May 25, 1924

Role: Dorothy Vernon
Co-stars: Anders Randolf, Marc McDermott, Carrie Daumery, Allan Forest, Wilfred Lucas, Clare Eames, Estelle Taylor
Prod/Dist Co: Mary Pickford Productions/United Artists
Director: Marshall Neilan, Mary Pickford (uncredited)
Screenwriter: Adapted by Waldemar Young from the 1898 novel  When Knighthood Was in Flower  by Charles Major
Cinematographer: Charles Rosher
Filming Locations: Interiors shot at Pickford-Fairbanks Studios in Hollywood, CA; Outdoor scenes shot at Busch Gardens in Pasadena, CA.
Produced by Mary Pickford

Note: Mitchell Leisen designed Mary’s costumes for the film, several of which are in the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

Original review from  Chicago Daily Tribune  (May 6, 1924):

Miss Pickford Again Offers Great Picture – Her “Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall” a Delight – The picture has charm and quaintness and romance and adventure. It has humor. It has beautiful costumes and scenery The sets are all that could be desired So is the direction. The acting is so good you forget it is acting.

Clips from Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall

Music by Julian Ducatenzeiler & Andy Gladbach