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Released May 11, 1919

Role: Jerusha ‘Judy’ Abbott
Co-stars: Milla Davenport, Percy Haswell, Mahlon Hamilton, Fay Lemport, Lillian Langdon, Wesley Barry, Marshall Neilan
Prod/Dist Co: Mary Pickford Company/First National Exhibitors’ Circuit
Director: Marshall Neilan
Screenwriter: Agnes Christine Johnson and Mary Pickford (uncredited), based on the 1912 novel by Jean Webster
Cinematographer: Charles Rosher
Filming Location: Busch Gardens in Pasadena, CA
Produced by Mary Pickford

Original review from the  Los Angeles Times  (May 19, 1919):

… You’ve never known Mary Pickford or ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ either until you’ve seen them in the marvelous picture brew which that amazingly clever young star has given us. ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’was delicious as a story; delightful as a play, and is entrancing as a picture. A crowded house went fairly into raptures yesterday, and applause, even at that cold 12:45 performance…