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Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley

Released March 11, 1918

Role: Amarilly Jenkins
Co-stars: William Scott, Kate Price, Ida Waterman, Norman Kerry, Margaret Landis, Tom Wilson
Prod/Dist Co: Mary Pickford Film Corporation/Famous Players-Lasky Corporation, Artcraft Pictures Corporation
Director: Marshall Neilan
Screenwriter: Frances Marion, based on the 1915 novel by Belle K. Maniates
Cinematographer: Walter Stradling
Filming Location: Famous Players-Lasky Studio at 1520 Vine St. in Hollywood, CA

Original review from  Photoplay  (June 1918):

Mary Pickford follows her remarkable ‘Stella Maris’ with another character study scarcely less remarkable, Amarilly Jenkins in ‘Amarilly of Clothesline Alley.’The role is midway between the hopelessly tragic slavey in ‘Stella Maris’and the pathetically optimistic Stella herself. … All this is done in Mary Pickford’s blithest vein, reminding us once more that she is the greatest of all screen actresses.