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* Indicates that the film is "lost"

A Good Little Devil*

Released March 01, 1914

(Only one reel remains)

Role: Juliet
Co-stars: Ernest Truex, William Norris, David Belasco, Iva Merlin, Wilda Bennett, Arthur Hill, Edward Connelly
Prod/Dist Co: Famous Players Film Company/Famous Players-Lasky Corporation
Director: Edwin S. Porter (and J. Searle Dawley, uncredited)
Screenwriter: Based on the play by Austin Strong, adapted from the French play  Un bon petit diable by Rosemonde Gerard and Maurice Rostand
Cinematographer: Edwin S. Porter

Note: Mary had played the same role in David Belasco’s 1913 stage version of  A Good Little Devil.

Original review from Variety (March 6, 1914):

Here’s one film on which the movie exhibitor of the country can’t go wrong. … There’s a lot of good, wholesome fun in ‘A Good Little Devil’ and there’s fantastical trimmings of the fairy land sort and real pathos of the typical kind that motherless little kids encounter each day that combine in making the play a movie worth while. Miss Pickford does bully work as the blind girl and makes the role stand out as a lovable, childlike sympathetic bit of acting that is irresistible.