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* Indicates that the film is "lost"

A Girl of Yesterday*

Released October 07, 1915

Role: Jane Stuart
Co-stars: Jack Pickford, Gertrude Norman, Marshall Neilan, Frances Marion, Lillian Langdon, Claire Alexander, Glenn Martin
Prod/Dist Co: Famous Players Film Company/Paramount Pictures
Director: Allan Dwan
Screenwriter: Mary Pickford, story by Wesley C. MacDermott
Filming Location: Airplane scenes shot at Griffith Park; Catalina scenes shot aboard John Spreckels’ yacht; Interiors shot at Clune Studios in Hollywood, CA (now Raleigh Studios).

Note:  A Girl of Yesterday  is notable for being the only feature in which Mary and Jack Pickford play brother and sister. Mickey Neilan credits Frances Marion with writing the story.

Original review from  Variety  (Oct. 15, 1915):

‘A Girl of Yesterday’ with Mary Pickford as the star … is so arranged to give Mary Pickford an opportunity to display a lot of gowns and the fact that she can play a little golf, is a good little sailor, is not afraid to go up in an airship and, last, but not least, it gives the public another opportunity of looking at this little queen of the screen.