Mistress Nell

Role: Nell Gwyn
Co-stars: Owen Moore, Arthur Hoops, Ruby Hoffman, Amelia Rose, J. Albert Hall, Nathaniel Sack
Prod/Dist Co: Famous Players Film Company/Paramount Pictures
Director: James Kirkwood
Screenwriter: Based on the 1900 play by George Cochran Hazelton

Note:  Mistress Nell  marked Mary’s final appearance onscreen with Owen Moore.

Original review from  Variety  (May 14, 1915):

Mary Pickford and beautiful scenery are the important factors in this feature produced by the Famous Players. … At Miss Pickford’s first appearance on the screen in this picture at the Strand Sunday a rousing reception was given her. … ‘Mistress Nell’was a successful play and it is going to be a successful feature through Mary Pickford being in it.