Role: Kiki
Co-stars: Reginald Denny, Joseph Cawthorn, Margaret Livingston, Phil Tead, Fred Walton, Edwin Maxwell
Prod/Dist Co: Feature Productions, Inc./United Artists
Director: Sam Taylor
Screenwriter: Sam Taylor, based on David Belasco’s 1921 adaptation of the 1920 play by André Picard
Cinematographer: Karl Struss

Original review from  Photoplay  (May 1931):

You’ll thrill tremendously at the metamorphosis of ‘America’s Sweetheart.’ Here’s no sugary, sticky-sweet Pickford; here’s the little rascal as much like the Mary of old as tabasco’s like syrup. Mary’s gone hot! – and saucily sophisticated. She prances in underthings, somersaults furiously in pajamas, gets bounced from a doorway. She lets herself be utterly ludicrous. You’ll laugh at the queen – but how you’ll love her! Why has Mary been hiding all this fire?