A Tribute to Mary Pickford

The Venice Historical Society proudly celebrates their 30th anniversary with a lecture & rare film clips by award-winning documentary filmmaker Elaina Friedrichsen

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14th at 7:00 pm

The Venice Historical Society has scheduled a classic evening with a celebratory tribute to one of the most powerful and talented women in American cinema.

Elaina Friedrichsen, Director of Archive & Legacy for the Mary Pickford Foundation will be presenting rare clips from Mary Pickford’s films, and discussing her life and career. Elaina will cover Mary Pickford’s entire career from 1909 until 1933, and she will also share the work that the foundation is doing today to preserve and respect the Pickford legacy. The Mary Pickford Foundation is dedicated to restoring and preserving Mary’s films both on film and digitally, and to producing new, original scores for a modern audience today Oakwood Recreation Center, at 7th & California Avenues, Venice, California, 90291.  Enter on 7th Street. $5 for VHS members. $8 for non-members.