Rave Reviews for Little Annie Rooney at the Glasgow Film Festival

The Mary Pickford Foundation’s newly restored and scored Little Annie Rooney was screened at the Glasgow Film Festival in February. The Festival has “grown greatly in visibility and significance in recent years and has leapt into the top three film festivals in the UK. From just 6,000 attendances at its first outing in 2005 to over 42,000 attendances in 2017, the most successful event in the festival’s 13-year history, GFF continues to grow and develop its international reputation.”

The response to the screening was very gratifying and Mary was discovered yet again by a new generation of fans. Here is a sampling of the reviews:

“The 1925 Silent Film Little Annie Rooney starring the luminous Mary Pickford was an unexpected delight in the True North Canadian Cinema strand and one of the great joys of this year’s festival.  It is easy to see why Pickford was one of the most internationally renowned and best loved stars of her day.

Pickford is an inspirational figure and a commanding presence in the history of Film in spite of the demure label of “America’s Sweetheart”. Her intelligence plays out on screen in scenes which take the audience on a journey from laughter to loss and uplifting celebration….

I hope that the Mary Pickford Foundation www.marypickford.org will continue to make more of her extraordinary work accessible to future GFF and other festival audiences.

— Georgina Coburn

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