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Released June 27, 1920

Role: Amanda Afflick
Co-stars: Albert Austin, Harold Goodwin, Rosa Dione, Nadine Montgomery, Darwin Karr, Hal Wilson
Prod/Dist Co: Mary Pickford Company/United Artists
Director: John Francis Dillon
Screenwriter: Scenario by Waldemar Young, based on the 1905 play  Op O’ Me Thumb  by Frederick Fenn and Richard Pryce
Cinematographers: Charles Rosher, L.W. O’Connell
Filming Location: Robert Brunton Studios at 5451 Marathon St. in Hollywood, CA
Produced by Mary Pickford

Original review from the  Los Angeles Times  (Jul. 12, 1920):

…the Pickfordian cleverness and charm are effulgently present, and the question which was on everybody’s lips some time during the action was, how is it possible for anyone to look so beautiful and so ugly at the same time as Miss Pickford does? … In ‘Suds’ we have, therefore, another gay, glad Pickford feature, with a disappointing finish which is offset, partially, by the cleverness of the star’s artistry.