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* Indicates that the film is "lost"

In the Bishop’s Carriage*

Released September 10, 1913

Role: Nance Olden
Co-stars: David Wall, House Peters, Grace Henderson, George Moss, Howard Missimer, Camille Dalberg, John Steppling
Prod/Dist Co: Famous Players Film Company
Director: J. Searle Dawley and Edwin S. Porter
Screenwriter: B.P. Schulberg, adapted from the 1907 play by Channing Pollock, based on the 1904 novel by Miriam Michelson
Cinematographer: H. Lyman Broening

Note:  In the Bishop’s Carriage  was remade in 1920 by Realart Pictures with Bebe Daniels in the Nance Olden role.

Original review from  The Moving Picture World, Sept. 20, 1913:

It is several months since picture lovers have seen on the screen Mary Pickford in a new film. In this refined melodrama they will see Little Mary in a new light. ‘In the Bishop’s Carriage’ is a crook play; nevertheless its treatment is so artistic, so delicate, so finished, that it will please every division of society.