Summary of Margaret Herrick Library’s Mary Pickford Scrapbooks

These summaries of the contents of the Pickford scrapbooks are numbered according to the Library’s system. The scrapbooks are held in their “Special Collections” section so to see them in person, an appointment must be made in advance. Visit the library’s website for more information.



Description: Fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from 1914-1920, book poor condition (falling apart), contents in fair condition.

Contains: Clippings including image of house where Mary was born and smaller house where she and family briefly lived, Photoplay clippings, ads and images from Poor Little Rich Girl, Pride of the Clan, Poor Little Peppina, Hulda from Holland, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Ramona, Cinderella, Little American, A Romance of the Redwoods, Little Princess, Mary postcards, some early rare clippings.



Description: Fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from 1914-1916, inscribed “from a great admirer of dear, dear little Mary Pickford and Owen Moore” – Marion Kahn, Brooklyn, NY.

Contains: Clippings including Owen & Mary article, David Belasco article, poems to Mary, some rare images of Mary, clippings from Cinderella, Mistress Nell, Rags, Madame Butterfly, A Girl of Yesterday, Poor Little Peppina.



Description: Fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from 1918-1921.

Contains: Clippings including images of Mary with baby Gwynne, Mary in stills from Liberty bond film, magazine portraits, Mary and Doug newlywed images, honeymoon trip, magazine covers.



Description: Folder containing loose leaves from various fan-made Mary Pickford scrapbooks, in poor to fair condition, circa 1918-1930.

Contains: Clippings from fan magazines, including images of Mary in How Could You Jean and Through the Back Door, Mary with Lady Mountbatten in the UK, Doug and Mary, clippings from The Hoodlum, Suds, Little Lord Fauntleroy and others, clippings of Doug and Mary traveling abroad, three small candid snapshots of Doug and Mary ca. 1929. All images and no text.



Description: Folder containing fragment of Mary Pickford scrapbook from the mid-1920s.

Contains: Fragment of fan-made scrapbook of clippings from Photoplay and Picture-Play magazines, including news reports of rumors of Doug and Mary expecting a baby.


Oversize Scrapbooks



Description: Large folder containing 2 pages of Mary Pickford in Less Than the Dust clippings from 1916.

Contains: Loose pages from fan’s scrapbook, containing publicity notices regarding the film Less Than the Dust, from Motion Picture World 11/4/16, including clipping of Mary establishing her own production company in NY.




Scrapbook #1 [1914-1916]. (Scanned and digitized)

Description: Fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from the years 1914-1916.

Contains: Clippings of images, poems, cartoons, cover of Nov. 1913 Motion Picture magazine, Mary on cover of Ladies World magazine captioned “The Most Popular Girl in the World,” Photoplay article by David Belasco, Mary and Owen, early Biograph and IMP images, complete articles on Mary such as “Herself and Her Career,” clippings regarding The Eagle’s Mate, A Girl of Yesterday, Madame Butterfly, Rags, Little Pal, The Foundling, Poor Little Peppina, Mary’s leading men, original program for Fanchon the Cricket, Hulda from Holland, Mary on cover of Picture-Play magazine 1916, original program for The Eternal Grind, Mary postcards/trading cards.


Scrapbook #2 [Circa 1915-1919].

Description: Small, fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings; Book in good condition, but stains and smudges on clippings.

Contains: Various fan magazine clippings from early years and some Biographs, small actual snapshot of Mary on film set with camera – probably Daddy-Long-Legs. Contains 8×10 matte Hartsook portrait from circa 1918. Aside from these two photos, all fan magazine clippings. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #4 [1917-1921].

Description: Large, press-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford US fan magazine clippings from the years 1917-1921.

Contains: Newspaper clippings of Pickford-related articles, actual letters to Mary from California Relief Commission, Liberty Loan Commission, US Navy, etc., original program from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (poor condition), articles about Doug & Mary’s European trip, Mary criticizes new fashions.


Scrapbook #5 [1918-1921].

Description: Small fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings; Book in good condition, but smudges/splotches on some clippings. Inside of book dated July 30, 1918.

Contains: Mostly fan magazine, some newspaper clippings of Mary Pickford from 1918-1921, clipping of Mary with Charlotte and Owen’s mother, Mary, Doug and Charlie on Liberty bond tour, clippings of Mary and Doug early married days, one small actual photograph of Mary, Doug and Fred Thomson filming The Love Light on location.


Scrapbook #6 [1918-1920].

Description: Large press-made scrapbook of newspaper clippings regarding Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin promoting Liberty bonds; Binding laces separated, but contents in fair condition.

Contains: Well-cited US newspaper clippings of Mary, Charlie and Doug on Liberty bond drives from Jan. 1918-April 1920, Mary sells curls for the cause, many reviews and articles on Mary’s films Stella Maris, M’liss, The Hoodlum and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, loose news clippings from Pollyanna.


Scrapbook #7 [1918-1919].

Description: Large press-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford newspaper clippings; Binding undone but contents in fair condition.

Contains: US newspaper clippings of Mary Pickford-related articles Sept. 1918-Jan. 1919, Mary selling Liberty bonds, welcoming soldiers home, headlines rumors of Mary quitting films, piece about Mary’s life, article from 1918 San Diego Union where Mary meets Fred Thomson.


Scrapbook #8 [1919].

Description: Large, press-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford newspaper clippings from 5/1919 to 10/1919.

Contains: Mostly US newspaper clippings of articles about Mary, some Doug & Charlie, complete Boston Traveler Mary’s life story series 6/19, Mary retirement headlines, complete issue of Pictures & Picturegoer 6/14/19 w/Mary cover, Mary promises not to use swear words in pictures anymore, clippings of Mary’s portrait painted, Mary’s hair care routine, Marshall Neilan article, various clippings regarding Daddy-Long-Legs and The Hoodlum.


Scrapbook #9 [1920].

Description: Large, press-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford European & US newspaper clippings from June & July 1920.

Contains: European newspaper clippings of Mary and Doug on their European trip, complete French and Dutch newspapers with Mary & Doug on the cover, entire issues of L’intransingeant and Comedia and others, actual letter from Mary to the “Picture-Play Children’s League,” Mary and Doug’s return to the US, Daily Mirror 6/23/20 with Mary & Doug mobbed.


Scrapbook #10 [1920s].

Description: Large, fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from 1924-1930; Fair condition.

Contains: Screen Secrets cover Aug. 1929, pictures from May & Aug 1929 Screen Book magazine, Fairbanks Iron Mask clippings, Babe Ruth posing with Douglas Fairbanks, Chaplin to direct Mary article, many Chaplin and Fairbanks clippings and full articles, cartoons/comics/caricatures, Chaplin article “Can Art Be Popular?” from Ladies Home Journal 1924, Lupe Velez article, full Saturday Evening Post article “The Ambassadors” by Mary Pickford (1930), Jolson clippings, booklet ad for Heart o’ the Hills, “Them Were the Happy Days” article about Pickford and early silents.


Scrapbook #11 [1920-1927].

Description: Large fan-made scrapbook packed full of magazine and newspaper clippings for each Mary Pickford film in chronological order from Pollyanna through Sparrows; Book falling apart, contents in fair condition.

Contains: Pollyanna ads, news items, poems, reviews, Suds ads, news items, reviews, unique Suds photo, Suds wins seal of merit, full Suds piece from Shadowland magazine, Jack Pickford clipping, Through the Back Door ads and reviews, images of Jack and Mary on location, many Little Lord Fauntleroy ads and reviews, Doug in Three Musketeers, Telegraph article 8/28/21 “Mary Pickford Will Defy Age,” Mary on True Story cover Sept. 1921, Mary on Screenland cover Nov. 1921, full S.F. Chronicle article about Doug & Mary 7/29/21, local S.F. news coverage of location filming of Little Lord Fauntleroy, Mary on cover of Film Stories 11/10/21, The Love Light articles, ads and reviews, letter from fan about Love Light filming nearby in San Pedro, many Tess of the Storm County clippings, articles, nice booklet on Tess, many Rosita ads, articles, reviews, actual autographs from Doug and Mary, Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall clippings, ads, sheet music, full article on Mary McCall’s Jan 1924, Little Annie Rooney full sheet music, ads, articles, reviews, Mary on Screenland cover May 1926, large Sparrows booklet, Sparrows articles and ads including article from The PIcturegoer Sept. 1926, some My Best Girl clippings.


Scrapbook #12 [1920-1928].

Description: Fan-made scrapbook of magazine clippings of Mary and Doug as a couple, focusing on their personal lives and travel rather than films.

Contains: News clippings of Mary’s divorce from Owen Moore, tinted photos of Mary and Doug, published copy of their marriage license, their first honeymoon in Holbrook, Ariz., many clippings from European honeymoon trip (all in English), clippings from Boston, NY and Chicago newspapers about their visits to London, Paris, Rome, Aix-les-Bains, Moscow, etc., many Movie Weekly covers with Mary, Pantomime Weekly cover of Mary and Doug 10/29/21.


Scrapbook #13 [1920-1947].

Description: Crumbling, very fragile fan-made book about Buddy Rogers, with some Mary Pickford items; at the end are more loose scrapbook pages from another book.

Contains: Newspaper and fan magazine clippings about Buddy Rogers, clippings of Mary Pickford romance rumors, their wedding news, newlyweds, etc.


Scrapbook #14 [1921].

Description: Press-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford newspaper clippings from February-April, 1921; Binding loose, but contents in good condition.

Contains: Clippings from American newspapers, including rumors of Mary moving to San Francisco from San Francisco Chronicle May 2, 1921, clippings from Toronto papers of Mary visiting Canada, news of rioting crowds as Mary filmed Through the Back Door scenes at Ellis Island, Mary’s views on fashions, Mary starts work on Little Lord Fauntleroy, Through the Back Door reviews from various newspapers, article “Frances Marion’s Romantic Career,” news of Princess Beatrice going to see Pollyanna.


Scrapbook #15 [Circa 1916-1923].

Description: Press-made scrapbook on Mary Pickford, mostly newspaper and some fan magazine articles; Book binding has come apart; contents in fair condition.

Contains: Clippings March-April, 1921, Mary’s opinions on modern fashions and speaking against short skirts, clipping of Mary and Jack, The Love Light reviews and news articles, loose news clippings from 1920, 1923, original programs for The Ragamuffin (Paramount – original title of The Hoodlum) and The Heart o’ the Hills (First National, 1919).


Scrapbook #16 [1922-1925].

Description: Large, oversized fan-made scrapbook filled with complete magazine articles on Mary Pickford.

Contains: Magazine clippings, entire articles on Mary Pickford from various US magazines 1922-1925, complete Pictorial Review (March 1923) article on Mary’s early career, article “Greatest Business in the World” June 10, 1922 from Colliers, article “Meet Mr. & Mrs. Fairbanks” from July 1924 McCall’s, Mary’s life story from July 1923 Ladies Home Journal, color-tinted magazine covers of Mary, article “Scenes from Our Mary’s First Pictures” about early Biograph days, Literary Digest July 8, 1922 names Mary one of the 12 greatest women in America, magazine articles on stardom, Doug and Mary, poems and songs written to Mary.


Scrapbook #17 [1922-1928].

Description: Large fan-made scrapbook of magazine and some newspaper clippings on Mary Pickford.

Contains: Various Mary Pickford-related articles from movie magazines and San Francisco area newspapers, Motion Picture cover of Mary & Doug (Sept 1924), LA Times coverage of kidnapping case, “Mary Pickford – Woman and Genius” article from Success magazine June 1924, “Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks Analyzes Mary Pickford” article, Hollywood parade with Will Hays, articles about Mary, Doug and some Chaplin, Lindbergh.


Scrapbook #18 [1922-1934].

Description: Small, fan-made scrapbook of fan magazine and some newspaper clippings on Mary Pickford, inside cover dated Jan 22, 1922 through early 1930s.

Contains: Articles on Mary’s custom Rolls-Royce, Mary & Charlotte visit their old Toronto house, Mary & Doug clippings, Jack Pickford & Marilyn Miller clippings, Mary & Doug separation and divorce, full newspaper article on Mary’s life by Marjorie Driscoll in Sunday Mail, Mary post-divorce.


Scrapbook #19 [1923-1925]

Description: Fan-made Mary Pickford scrapbook of clippings on graph paper from mid-1920s, Mary as Little Annie Rooney on cover.

Contains: Clippings mostly from fan magazines, Mary’s childhood and early career Including theater, many Rosita clippings, Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall, Little Annie Rooney, also Sidney Franklin, Gwynne on set of Little Annie Rooney, Doug, Griffith, Neilan, Chaplin.


Scrapbook #20 [1923].

Description: Large, press-made, fragile, all newspaper clippings from Los Angeles Examiner Jan. & Feb. 1923.

Contains: News clippings covering the Cinema Circus event for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on 2/19/23. Jack Pickford riding an ostrich in “3 Star Handicap”.


Scrapbook #21 [1923-1928]. (Scanned and digitized)

Description: Large, fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings, poor condition.

Contains: Mary Pickford articles and rarities, Mary Pickfords of all nations, Doug as Robin Hood Photoplay cover, Mid-Week Pictorial Doug & Mary cover, Doug & Mary swimming, Mary exclusive LA Sunday Times Christmas 1923, clippings of Mary at 11 and Doug at 9, Jack Pickford article, poems about Mary, clipping of Mary from Judge magazine Sept. 1922, Jesse Lasky interview, caricatures of Mary, Doug and Charlie & poem, Will Hays, Mary directing little girls as cherubs, Mary as Juliet image, Mary’s Ten Commandments, article on American beauty by Adela Rogers, article analyzing film success, Duse articles, Sarah Bernhardt’s death, Mary hates her curls, Doug clippings, Mary criticizes bobs & short skirts, Mary & Doug drawings, “Life of Doug” comic strip, Philippe DeLacy, ink drawing of Mary by F. Grayson Sayre (from Screenplay), color Filmplay Journal cover, Chaplin & Mary etchings, Mary’s understudy Louise Du Pre, Mary & Doug article Picture-Play Jan. 1922, Mary Pickford of Italy, France, China, etc… MP lookalikes, article about Mary speaking in Pershing Square in 1923, Mary paper dolls, Rosita clippings, Mary’s hair care tips, facial analysis of Mary, eyes, nose, legs, feet, horoscope, “Mary and the Men She Has Made” (from Screenland), Mary models in Vogue, modeling Ladies Home Journal June 1921, Mary’s life story from Oakland Tribune, many magazine covers, Mary’s flower sweet pea, Mary & Doug entertain Coolidge, Mary starts new film Five and Ten Mary (My Best Girl), new UA Theater opening, Mary on Halloween cover Movie Weekly 1924, Mary & von Sternberg, drawing of Mary as Cleopatra cartoon, caricatures, Doug’s new film Robin Hood.


Scrapbook #22 [circa 1934].

Description: Thin scrapbook of Secrets materials from Japan.

Contains: Clippings of Secrets publicity material compiled by United Artists Corp., Tokyo, Japan.

Note: In Japanese.


Scrapbook #23 [1923-1924].

Description: Press-made scrapbook with French news clippings regarding Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks’ trip to France, May-June, 1924.

Contains: Doug & Mary in France, magazine and newspaper clippings, French and some American articles, Mary image from Radio magazine 5/18/24, caricatures of Doug & Mary, Mary signs article in French, clippings from Petit Parisien, radio broadcast with Doug, Mary & Doug on filmstrip being photographed, handwritten letter by Mary in French June 1923 from Beverly Hills, Cine-Mirror article with images of Mary & Doug, Doug with John Barrymore, caricature of Doug in Thief of Bagdad, articles from Germany, Switzerland, etc.

Note: Most articles in French.


Scrapbook #24 [1924].

Description: Foreign press scrapbook of Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford’s European trip June 19-26, 1924.

Contains: Clippings of Doug & Mary in Sweden, Norway and Denmark (large collection of articles from this one week), Mary & Doug traveling, meeting people, lots of foreign language pieces, in crowds, caricature of crowd’s reaction to meeting Mary & Doug, color comic, caricatures, Mary & Doug song, illustration of Mary & Doug in Stockholm, Film Journalen cover, Mary signing an autograph on Doug’s lifted leg.

Note: In Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.


Scrapbook #25 [1924].

Description: Large, press-made book from Jewish Publicity Service of newspaper clippings on Mary Pickford’s films from 1924.

Contains: Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall clippings, comics, some magazine clippings, Mary on success, Mary to quit movies, clippings in Yiddish, Mary & Doug in Paris, traveling Europe, being mobbed, Mary says she wants to direct Jeanne Eagels in Rain, UA and Griffith, image of Dorothy Vernon display in NYC, Mary & Doug feed 300 hungry homeless on streets of Chicago (Chicago Herald Examiner 8/4/24), Mary & Doug’s return home to USA, Mary offers to donate $5k to build playground for lost children at Coney Island’s Luna Park with nursery & movie theater.


Scrapbook #26 [1925-1926].

Description: Fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from the mid-1920s; images are hand-tinted.

Contains: Clippings regarding Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, with one 8×10 photo of Pickford from Rosita.


Scrapbook #27 [1925-1935].

Description: Fan-made, medium-sized black scrapbook of Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers clippings from late 1920s to mid-1930s.

Contains: Fan magazine and newspaper clippings, glossy 8×10 of Buddy and hand-drawn likeness, some original 8×10 photographs, transcript of 1933 radio interview with Buddy and a fan’s handwritten account of meeting him, etc.

Note: Personalized to a fan from Rogers on inside cover.


Scrapbook #28 [1926].

Description: Long, thin fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford fan magazine clippings and photos from 1926; Inside front cover dated October 26, 1926.

Contains: Clippings from Photoplay, Sparrows clippings, fan magazine photos of Doug & Mary, Doug visiting Mary on the set of My Best Girl, some Sparrows cutout glossy photographs, many My Best Girl clippings, some older clippings from The Foundling and Rosita, clipping from Romance of the Redwoods. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #29 [1926-1934].

Description: Small brown fan-made Mary Pickford scrapbook with small tinted picture of Mary on the cover, dated 1934.

Contains: Fan magazine clippings of Mary Pickford from the 1910s, 1920s and early 30s, many clippings from How Could You Jean, clipping of Mary from the early days, clippings of UA Big Four, Doug and Mary wedding news, small clipping of Mary & Lionel Barrymore in Friends, color-tinted rendition of Mary’s profile, drawing of Mary by child, news clipping of Charlotte’s death, Kiki and Sparrows clippings, ad for Mary in The Church Mouse play, news clipping of Mary’s bob, small newspaper clipping of Mary in Empress Maria Louisa’s jewels, clipping from Ladies Home Journal of Mary and her “three little families of canaries.”


Scrapbook #30 [1928, 1971].

Description: Fan-made Mary Pickford scrapbook and paper dolls.

Contains: Scrapbook, compiled by fan Ruth Michaels, includes the Mary Pickford paper doll and a letter regarding a later scrapbook owner, May 25, 1971.


Scrapbook #31 [1921-1930]. (Scanned and digitized)

Description: Large, fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings, mostly from 1928-1930, with some early 1920s material.

Contains: Early and mid-1920s Photoplay and fan magazine pictures of Mary and Gwynne, Mary and Charlotte, Doug as a youth, piece on Mary from Film Stories 1921, sketches of Mary & Doug from 1930, Mary wins lawsuit 1922, the Pickford-Forrest wedding, full article “How Mary Pickford Stays Young” from Everybody’s Magazine, article on Mary’s early days “Romance of the Movies,” Jack Pickford clippings, Pickford family, clippings from Jack & Marilyn’s wedding, Charlotte’s death, Mary on cover of Mid-Week Pictorial 3/31/28, articles about Mary becoming executor of estate after mother’s death, “The Best Story About Mary Pickford Ever Written” (about her philosophy), pieces on Mary and Elsie Janis, Mary’s philanthropy, Mary cutting her curls, Pickfair article, full article “How Mary Pickford Got That Way,” Mary models fashions, article about Mary by Douglas Jr., article by Belasco, “As Mary Faces Forty” article, Mary & Doug divorce rumors, haunted Pickfair article, article on the Gish sisters, “Do Women Rule the Movies?” article by Dorothy Calhoun, article on Lillian Gish by Mary, Mary denies being a spirit medium, Mary in fashions for 1929, Mary & Doug meet the Coolidges.


Scrapbook #32 [1928-1932].

Description: Large, fan-made book of magazine clippings featuring Mary Pickford from the years 1928-1932.

Contains: Articles on Valentino’s funeral, Mary celebrating Christmas 1928, Mary meets Prince George of England, Maurice Chevalier, Mary entertains royalty, Mary & Doug shooting Taming of the Shrew, many Kiki clippings, Doug & Mary travel the world 1930, Lottie Pickford travels to Orient, Mary denies rift in marriage, Joan Crawford & Doug Jr., Mary entertains the Mountbattons, Mary meets Mei Lan Fang (Chinese actor), Mary quits Secrets, rumors about Doug & Mary breakup 1930, Mary scoffs at divorce, clipping of Mary on golf course, Mary greets Hearst, Mary & Carl Laemmle article, clipping of Chaplin and Gandhi meeting 1932, Mary decorates the first outdoor Christmas tree in Beverly Hills 1931, Mary, Doug and Maurice Chevalier, Doug and Maria Alba, Mary visits White House, Mary donates sketch to aid N.Y. jobless, clipping of Mary & Gloria Swanson, Gary Cooper article, full article from Vanity Fair Aug. 1932 “Mary Pickford: The End of an Era,” article “How I Broke into the Movies” by Chaplin, Mary, Doug, article about charity in Hollywood, Pickford names 10 greatest film stars, caricatures of Doug & Mary & Chaplin.


Scrapbook #33 [circa 1928-1941].

Description: Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers scrapbook compiled by fan Babe F. Brown of Chicago.

Contains: Fan magazine and newspaper clippings – as well as some actual photos – of Buddy circa 1928-1941. Snapshot of Buddy, fans posing in front of his house, pinup photos from magazines, rumors of Pickford marriage, Buddy and Mary to wed, Buddy’s films & trip abroad, Buddy’s brother’s wedding, lots of movie ad clippings (Buddy’s), concert ads, and wedding rumor clippings from mid-1930s, ads for Buddy on radio, wedding coverage, honeymoon in Hawaii, genuine movie stills from films Close Harmony, Take a Chance, and Old Man Rhythm.


Scrapbook #34 [1929].

Description: Oversized, thin scrapbook containing fan magazine clippings of Mary Pickford in Coquette 1929.

Contains: Clippings about Coquette, article “I Had to Grow Up” by Mary, Mary’s bobbed hair, Mary receiving her Oscar, making her talkie debut, full coverage of Coquette story from movie magazines, Mary entertains girls who won Coquette contest, contest ads 1929, Coquette sheet music by Irving Berlin, “Pollyanna Turns Coquette” article, Johnny Mack Brown clippings, fan magazine reviews of Coquette.


Scrapbook #35 [1929].

Description: Small brown fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford fan magazine clippings, inside cover dated June 21, 1929.

Contains: Miscellaneous pictorial material of Mary circa 1929, Mary & Doug in Taming of the Shrew, Mary in Coquette, some actual photographs, color-tinted clippings of Mary, promo photos from Coquette & Taming of the Shrew. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #36 [1929].

Description: Long, thin fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from her entire career, mostly the mid-to-late 1920s; dated Oct 3, 1929.

Contains: Some familiar and some rare shots of Mary on Little Annie Rooney set with Doug, Mary in early Biographs, many different shots from her 1920s films, nice portrait, one Rahm photograph from unknown film. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #37 [1930].

Description: Long, thin fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings, mostly from late 1920s; dated Jan. 5, 1930.

Contains: Some actual photos of Mary on the beach, in Europe with Doug, many Sparrows clippings and photos, clippings from fan magazines. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #38 [Circa 1925-1931].

Description: A long, thin fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings and photographs, mostly from the late 1920s & early 1930s; dated Jan. 5, 1931.

Contains: Two different clippings of Mary with Christmas ornaments in front of tree, some actual autographed photos dated 1930, clippings and cutout photos from Kiki, Taming of the Shrew, Little Annie Rooney, Sparrows, Fauntleroy. Actual photo of Mary lounging on the beach with dogs. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #39 [Circa 1917-1931].

Description: Long, thin fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings and photographs, mostly from the late 1920s & early 1930s, dated 1931. Mary as Kiki on the cover.

Contains: Fan magazine clippings of Mary and Gloria Swanson, cutout photos and clippings of Mary in Kiki, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Sparrows, with Doug at events, photos from Romance of the Redwoods, actual photos of Mary and Doug playing golf, standing by their car, etc. All pictures and no text. Pasted inside back cover is a Queen of Hearts playing card hand-signed by Mary.


Scrapbook #40 circa [1931-1937].

Description: Large blue scrapbook of Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers clippings from 1930s, mostly from fan magazines; Binding lost but contents in fair condition.

Contains: Clippings mostly of Buddy Rogers, Mary and Buddy wedding news, Douglas Fairbanks’ death news clipping, ad for film Dance Band, clipping of Mary & Buddy visiting the veterans’ hospital, ads for Wings and other Rogers movies, etc.


Scrapbook #41 [1932].

Description: Long, thin fan-made Mary Pickford scrapbook with glossy photo of Mary in Secrets on the cover, dated 1932.

Contains: Actual photos of Doug and Mary touring Egypt and Belgian Congo, clippings of early ‘30s Mary with Chaplin, with Norma Shearer, in Edwardian costume with another actress, with Doug Jr & Joan Crawford, with Gary Cooper, with Joel McCrea, on golf course, at Rose Bowl parade 1933, on Secrets set & in Secrets costumes, trying makeup and wigs behind scenes, from old west party, with Fredric March & Leslie Howard, glossy cutout photos from Kiki, pasted in back of book is actual snapshot of Pickfair. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #42 [1930-1932].

Description: Long, thin fan-made scrapbook of Mary Pickford clippings with glossy portrait of Mary on cover, dated 1932.

Contains: Fan magazine clippings, stills from Romance of the Redwoods, Mary serving food to elderly, Mary sitting next to a portrait sketch with artist, Mary with Doug, Mary atop a building with balloons, Mary posing for another portrait with a female artist, serving food for charity, film stills of Mary in car (from How Could You Jean?), genuine snapshots of Mary in the country early 1930s, snapshot of Mary and Doug with pith helmets, Mary with Mickey Mouse, Mary riding an elephant, more photos of Mary and Doug in Egypt & Africa, some rare. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #43 circa [1932-1936].

Description: Long black fan-made scrapbook of Charles Buddy Rogers magazine and news clippings from the early to mid 1930s.

Contains: 8×10 glossies of Buddy with personalized autographs ‘To Roslyn,’ fan magazine images and articles, included also is handwritten letter to Buddy from Roslyn Spektor of Brooklyn, dated 1940, clippings of Mary Pickford and romance rumors, many Broadway columns by Ed Sullivan, news of Mary and Buddy’s engagement, image of Gwynne congratulating Mary on engagement, Hawaiian honeymoon image, original 1932 program for Hot-Cha! at Ziegfeld Theatre, original program for Buddy at Palace Theater.


Scrapbook #44 [1933].

Description: Large polka-dotted Mary Pickford scrapbook with colorful handmade cover and two pictures of Mary, made by a fan circa 1933.

Contains: Clippings of Mary and the film Secrets from fan magazines and newspapers. Complete article “The Headline Career of Mary and Doug,” large Secrets newspaper ad, many Secrets clippings and Leslie Howard images, article “Mary Starts Secrets All Over Again” by Faith Service, large clipping of behind-the-scenes Secrets image with entire crew, news clipping: Mary knocked unconscious when studio lamp fell on Secrets set, article about Secrets from Screenland March 1933, Leslie Howard “The Man of the Moment” article by Gladys Hall, Mary’s St. Patrick’s Day Irish recipes, “Mary Returns to Herself” article, positive reviews of Secrets, “An Open Letter to Mary Pickford” by Delight Evans, complete Screen Romance spread on Secrets.


Scrapbook #45 [1933].

Description: Long, thin scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from 1932-33, mostly about Secrets.

Contains: Clippings of Mary’s old west party, Secrets set and stills, Mary with Jack Oakie, Mary and Gloria Swanson, mostly clippings but some glossy cut-out promo photos, Mary riding a bicycle. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #46 [1933].

Description: Long, thin scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from 1932-33, mostly about Secrets, color profile of Mary on cover.

Contains: Glossy cutout photos of Mary and Leslie Howard in Secrets, photo of Mary on board the Rex Genova with flowers, Secrets clippings behind the scenes and stills, clippings of Mary with Doug, Amelia Earhart, Bing Crosby, teas and social functions, actual photo of Mary, Gary Cooper and Marion Davies, hand-autographed photo of Mary, photo of Mary holding Oscar. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #47 [1933].

Description: Long, thin scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from 1932-33, mostly about Secrets.

Contains: Clippings and glossy cutout photos of Mary in Secrets costume, Mary with her dogs, clipping of Mary dressed as Dolores Del Rio in dark wig and grass skirt, Mary with Doug, Chaplin, etc., actual snapshot of Doug and Mary on picnic, tinted promo photo of Mary circa 1920, clippings of Mary with Valentino, with Thalberg, with Zukor, clippings from earlier films, image of Mary from magazine, original Christmas card from Mary, one photo of Mary from early 1920s. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #48 [1933-1934].

Description: Scrapbook of Mary Pickford newspaper and magazine clippings from 1933 and 1934, titled ‘Scraps’ with Doug & Mary on the cover.

Contains: Complete articles on Pickfair up for sale, series of Mary’s Life Story articles by Marjorie Driscoll featuring Mary’s early life with many quotes including details on her first marriage, Mary wants the Napoleon jewels, Mary signs with Zukor to return to stage work in NYC, another kidnap threat, article “The Truth About Mary Pickford” by Mary Ann Stevens, “Mary’s Own Story” by Gladys Hall, article on Doug’s side of the story by an anonymous friend, reconciliation reports from March 1934, Mary mobbed at Lilyan Tashman funeral, New Yorker profile April 7 1934, Louella Parsons and Anita Loos articles, Mary in court over financial dispute, Mary’s studio bungalow destroyed.


Scrapbook #49 [1933-1934].

Description: A thick scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from 1933 to 1934, Motion Picture magazine cover from Sept. 1933 on cover.

Contains: Clippings on Doug and Mary’s separation, Mary may divorce Doug, who will buy Pickfair?, many articles about sale of Pickfair, Mary and Amelia Earhart, article about Mary & Doug vs Mary & Owen marriage, clippings of Gwynne grown-up, article “Why I Can be Happy in Spite of It All” by Mary, True Story Nov 1933 magazine cover of Mary, Family Circle covers, Doug and Lady Ashley, Joseph Schenck and Merle Oberon married at Pickfair, clipping of Doug’s Rancho Zorro, Mary to quit films for radio, lots of clippings of Mary on radio, Mary travels to SF Navy benefit, Mary on cover of Radio Guide, in-depth article about Mary quitting films for radio, Mary and Rudy Vallee clippings, article “Is Mary Through with Radio?”


Scrapbook #50 [1933-1935].

Description: Small brown leather scrapbook, inscribed “A Book of Famous People,” prepared for Mary Pickford by Uncle Ray, signed and dated August 23, 1935.

Contains: “Uncle Ray’s Corner” columns by Uncle Ray as published by Publisher’s Syndicate, clipped from uncited publication. Several columns are devoted to Pickford, including, “A Visit with Mary Pickford,” February 12, 1934; the remainder are on non-film personalities.


Scrapbook #51 [1933-1936].

Description: Long, thick scrapbook of Mary Pickford newspaper and magazine clippings from 1933-36.

Contains: Clippings of Mary at Marie Dressler’s birthday party, article “What Mary Pickford Taught me about Charm” by Carol Cameron, article “The Girl who was the first Movie Star” by Adela Rogers, “The Real Tragedy of Doug and Mary” article by Adela Rogers, Mary spends day in Pittsburgh collecting for the Salvation Army, complete “Little Liar” Mary Pickford’s first story, 1934 Family Circle article “Mary Scoffs at $250,000 Lawsuit,” Movie Mirror article by Frances Marion all about her career, article “Mary Pickford’s Choice” (about her decision to combine marriage and career), clippings of Mary and Sid Grauman dancing at Trocadero, full article “Why Not Try God?” by Mary, “Lady of Many Conference Tables” article about Mary’s busy producing career, “Mary Outgrows her Rompers” article from Family Circle.


Scrapbook #52 [1933-1934].

Description: Long, thin scrapbook of Mary Pickford magazine clippings from the mid-1930s, dated June 1934; True Story Nov 1933 magazine cover of Mary on cover.

Contains: Actual candid photographs and magazine clippings of Mary, glossy cutouts from Secrets, clippings from NBC radio show, Mary with Rudy Vallee, Mary with Marion Davies, some with Mary and Doug before divorce, Mary and Lillian Gish clipping. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #53 [1934].

Description: Scrapbook of Mary Pickford newspaper articles from 1934.

Contains: News clippings from Mary’s trip home to Toronto in May 1934 where thousands of fans and parades greet her, many newspaper ads for The Church Mouse play, she visits hospitals, orphans, gives radio interview, beautiful sketches by artist Tommy Vample (?) and a note from Mary.


Scrapbook #54 [1934-1936].

Description: Long, thin scrapbook of Mary Pickford fan magazine and newspaper clippings from 1934-35; good condition.

Contains: Inside cover has Mary Pickford valentine card, loose Swedish ad for Little Lord Fauntleroy, articles why Mary Pickford turned to radio, screen stars going on radio, article “If I Were Running Radio” by Mary 1934, Mary denies reconciliation with Doug, Doug named ‘other man’ in triangle, Mary sad as judge grants her divorce, color Radio Guide cover Feb 9, 1935, “How to Plan a Movie Career” by Mary, “On to Television for Mary Pickford,” clippings of Mary’s ‘triumph’ on stage as Coquette 1935, Shirley Temple to play in Pickford picture, Mary sells Fauntleroy to David Selznick, article “It’s a Woman’s World” article where Mary states women’s equality to men, article “Mary Pickford Lives for Today” from Motion Picture Feb 1936, loose clippings in back.


Scrapbook #55 [1934-1943].

Description: Large blue scrapbook of various news clippings from 1934-1943, some Mary Pickford, good condition, “Assembled by Jame J. Shanahan of Toronto, vet of 1st and 2nd world wars.”

Contains: Articles Mary Pickford plans to buy birthplace, Mary visits Toronto, clippings of Canadian charities, people with unusual birth defects, Toronto welcomes Colleen Moore to support crippled children fund, Moore’s dollhouse, etc.


Scrapbook #56 [1934-1946].

Description: Large brown scrapbook of Mary Pickford newspaper clippings from 1930s and 40s, some from Philadelphia papers, Swedish news, binding loose.

Contains: Clippings on Mary having tea with Leopold Stokowski, Mary calls Doug “a nice fellow,” Mary shares blame for rift with Doug (from the Public Ledger Apr 14, 1934), original hand-inscribed Christmas card to Agda Ericson with photo of Mary and Buddy, candid snap of Mary in shorts with Buddy and military man, 8×10 photo of Mary at a charity kitchen, actual photos of unidentified people, cats and dogs, Swedish news clippings, stars and their pets.

Note: Made by Agda Ericson, Mary Pickford housekeeper for 20 years.


Scrapbook #57 [1933-1935].

Description: Small brown scrapbook with red Mary Pickford cutout on cover, news/magazine clippings, from the 1930s; front cover dated January 2, 1935.

Contains: Newspaper and fan magazine clippings of Mary with radio microphone, signing autographs, older films promo pics, glossy photo of Mary in garden, small actual photos of Mary in 1933, candid snapshot of Mary and her dog, clippings of Mary at society functions, parties. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #58 [1935].

Description: Small brown scrapbook with images of Mary Pickford from mid-1930s; cover dated Sept. 15, 1935.

Contains: One glossy 8×10 photo of Mary, news & magazine clippings of Mary at society functions, actual photo of Mary posing, candid photo of Mary, original “Parties at Pickfair” ad, clipping of Mary and older Gwynne, picture of Mary and Ginger Rogers at CBS radio microphone, clipping of Mary onset of The Gay Desperado. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #59 [1935-1937].

Description: Large brown scrapbook of Mary Pickford clippings from 1935-1937.

Contains: Complete My Rendezvous With Life Chapters 1-6, articles on Mary’s comebacks, Doug Jr & Chaplin, articles on Mary’s philanthropy, announcements of formation of Pickford-Lasky productions, contest offering cash prizes for a logo, post-divorce news, Mary says she and Buddy Rogers are just friends, Parties at Pickfair ads, Mary on cover of Modern Woman, Mary at Jesse Lasky’s wedding, article “Mental Wastebaskets” by Mary, article calling Mary “Hollywood’s most remarkable business woman and wealthiest woman,” articles on the stars and their money, clipping of Mary and Ginger Rogers, article “My Heroine” by Mary about mother, Mary at Irving Thalberg’s funeral, Adolph Zukor’s silver jubilee.


Scrapbook #60 [1935-1937.]

Description: Large brown leather book filled with Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers’ romance, wedding and honeymoon. Inside cover has handwritten letter to Mary & Buddy dated 10/25/37 from the Mancuso family of Brooklyn.

Contains: Newspaper and magazine clippings from 1934-1937 with stories and articles on Mary and Buddy, ads and reviews for Buddy’s films and concerts, a record of all news pertaining to the couple during these years, their honeymoon and home plans, Mary on radio shows and seen with Franchot Tone, Paulette Goddard, Charles Laughton, Buddy tries to write a song for Mary but fails, Mary visits Elstree in London, article “The World’s Sweetheart Then and Now” from Picturegoer Weekly 1937, Buddy rescues wheelchair-bound Connie Boswell from a burning bed, Mary visits Rogers at Kansas farm, Mary flustered in marriage license bureau forgets her street address, wedding news from US and UK, Feb 1931 clipping of Mary (in Kiki costume) with Jolson, Colman, Swanson, Chaplin, Schenck claiming that Fox theatre seek to ‘stifle’ their art, Mary with Tyrone Power, Janet Gaynor, Harold Lloyd on cover of Movie Life Nov 1937, Mary poses with Dickie Jones as Christmas parade official, Radio Mirror cover April 1936, pages from older (late 1910s) scrapbook in the back.


Scrapbook #61 [1924- 1937].

Description: Long, thin scrapbook of Mary Pickford clippings from newspapers and fan magazines between 1934 and 1937. Inside front cover dated September 30, 1936.

Contains: Clippings of Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers at parties and events, together and separately, one small candid photo of Mary in coat and hat, the rest paper clippings. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #62 [1936-1938].

Description: Long, thin scrapbook of Mary Pickford clippings from newspapers and fan magazines between 1936 and 1938. Inside front cover dated August 12, 1937.

Contains: Clippings from newspapers and magazines of Mary and Buddy’s wedding and romance, one glossy promo photo of the wedding, Mary at banquets and events, pictures of her with ladies including Rosalind Russell, one small glamour photograph, the rest clippings. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #63 [1942-1946].

Description: Large brown guestbook from Pickfair.

Contains: Signatures of and comments from Pickfair visitors between the years 1942-1948, many of them servicemen. Comments such as “One chance in a million for a small-town boy,” “Thanks for a swell afternoon.” Also contains some poems and autographs from notable guests such as Enrico Caruso and Joe Kennedy, plus visitors from China and other countries thanking Mary Pickford for her hospitality.


Scrapbook #64 [1945].

Description: Large scrapbook of Mary Pickford newspaper and magazine clippings from 1945, probably made by a press service.

Contains: Mostly clippings from newspapers and trade journals. Articles about Mary returning to film producing, announces she is assembling a stock company of young players, Mary’s partnership with Sam Coslow, Mary signs on Robert Cummings, Kurt Weill as composer, Jean Arthur, Mary Martin, and ‘Mexico’s Clark Gable’ Pedro Armendanz, Mary is developing One Touch of Venus to be made in Technicolor, 1/15/45 article comparing her to Jean Arthur, Mary wants to remake Coquette, she signs Gregory LaCava but they call it off, original typed interview by Virginia MacPherson 4/25/45 discussing Mary as a businesswoman.


Scrapbook #65 [1945-1947].

Description: Large, oversized scrapbook of Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers newspaper clippings from Jan 1946 through April 1947, probably made by a press service.

Contains: Clippings from newspapers and trade journals regarding Comet Productions. Comet announces their plan to produce six films for $1.5 million: The Singing Village, The Adventures of Don Coyote, Little Iodine, The Fighting Irish, Joe Miracle and The Haunted Horse. Buddy casting girls for Little Iodine, Jo Ann Marlowe (from Mildred Pierce) will play title character, Detroit Times 5/2/46 says Mary Pickford has adopted a 3-year-old French boy, Cleatus Caldwell and David Bruce cast as leads in new Comet musical Miss Television, Buddy buys rights to Stork Bites Man, Mary plans to star 16-yr-old Nita Hunter in some of her old pictures like My Best Girl, One Touch of Venus is announced, Film Daily 5/9/47 gives positive Don Coyote review, Don Coyote ad.


Scrapbook #66 [1946-1947].

Description: Large, oversized scrapbook of Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers news clippings from late 1946 through 1947, probably made by a press service.

Contains: Clippings from newspapers and trade journals regarding Comet Productions. Mary and Buddy in pre-production on a remake of The Bat Whispers, a color western, Mary and Buddy as husband and wife producing team, Triangle Pictures to co-produce Stork Bites Man, based on the Louis Pollack study of expectant fatherhood, Jackie Cooper signed for lead, Buddy says he wants to make films with “good moral lessons,” Comet announces 9 films for the next 18 months, Jackie Cooper signs 2-film deal with Comet, many reviews of Stork Bites Man.


Scrapbook #67 [1947-1948].

Description: Scrapbook of press materials regarding the 1948 UA film Sleep, My Love, produced by Mary Pickford.

Contains: Newspaper clippings on production of Sleep, My Love. Triangle Productions signs Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche and Robert Cummings, many articles from NY Post, Variety, LA Daily News, Louella Parsons, article “Mary Pickford back in Picture-Making After 10 Years,” Douglas Sirk signed to direct, clippings on the sale of UA, Chaplin willing to unload for 12 million, Mary holds out for 15, LA Times article “Pickford’s New Work Thrills Her – Producing Pictures Revives Glamour of Reign as Star,” story about Maria San Marcos, young Pilipino actress in Sleep My Love who disappeared and was found in Kansas with amnesia.


Scrapbook #68 [1953]. (Scanned and digitized)

Description: Large, oversized book made by city officials for Mary Pickford all about her 1953 war bond sales and ambassador work.

Contains: Clippings and photographs regarding U.S. Savings bond, Bond-a-Month drive. Many large photos of Mary speaking at events, meeting city officials, plus newspaper clippings about her travels.


Scrapbook #69 [1953].

Description: Large scrapbook for Mary made by Earl Shackelford, state director of Missouri, documenting “When America’s Sweetheart Visited The Heart of America, Missouri, April 1953.”

Contains: Clippings, photographs, correspondence, and mementoes regarding a trip to Missouri for the Bond-a-Month Tour, April 1953. News clippings of her speaking engagements, photos of Mary in St Louis, meeting political figures, Mr. Busch of Anheuser-Busch, Mary’s actual typed speech, article by Harry Hannon Jr. in The Star: “Magic of Pickford Name Still Vivid,” article by Mary X. Sullivan “Mary Pickford: A Living Legend” in Boston Sunday Advertiser May 10, 1953, where Mary discusses differences in first WW1 bond tour and today.


Scrapbook #70 [1955].

Description: Scrapbook of German press clippings of Mary Pickford’s trip to Berlin in 1955, fan-made, mostly in German, some English.

Contains: German newspaper clippings, article “Die Mutti des Films (The Mother of Films) in Berlin,” Mary spends 2 days in Berlin at age 62 with Buddy, stories about her childhood and career, interview from Munich-Go-Round Mary says she turned down acting roles because “rather than make a successful comeback, I want to be remembered as America’s Sweetheart.”


Scrapbook #71 [undated].

Description: Long, thin scrapbook of Mary Pickford fan magazine clippings from different phases of her career, made in the late 1920s.

Contains: Cutout photos of Mary from fan magazines in the late 1920s, and a few actual photographs, clippings of Mary and Doug, candid shots, stills from her films, Mary holding her bobbed curls, stills from My Best Girl, actual snapshots of Mary & Doug with their car at the beach. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #72 [undated]. (Scanned and digitized)

Description: Long, thin scrapbook of Mary Pickford newspaper and magazine clippings and photos, from her book tours and later phases of her career (1935-1955). Pencil sketch of Mary early 1930s on cover.

Contains: Actual snapshots of Mary and Buddy on her book tour, Mary signing copies of My Rendezvous With Life and The Demi-Widow, Mary touring radio studio, snapshots of Mary and group at Pickfair, candid shots of Mary & Buddy on film set in early 1940s, some stills from Mary’s films, Mary at events and meeting notable people. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #73 [undated].

Description: Thick blue scrapbook of Mary Pickford fan magazine clippings and photos from the 1910s.

Contains: Tiny candid snapshot of Mary on back of train, cutout clippings of Mary as a child actress, cutout fan magazine images of Mary in Cinderella, Fanchon, Madame Butterfly, Rags, Mistress Nell, Pride of the Clan, all her early films 1913-1919, sepia profile portrait of Mary, actual nitrate photo from Romance of the Redwoods, actual photo of Mary on Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm set, image of Mary and Jack in front of house with Charlotte behind, image of Mary brushing hair. All images and no text.


Scrapbook #74 [undated].

Description: Thin black scrapbook of Mary Pickford fan magazine clippings from the mid-1910s.

Contains: Cutout magazine pictures of Mary modeling clothes and other images from Photoplay.


Scrapbook #75 [undated].

Description: Long, oversized scrapbook of Jack Pickford clippings from the 1920s, with cutouts of Mary and Jack on the cover.

Contains: Magazine and newspaper clippings on Jack Pickford, Jack and his dogs, a poem written to Jack by a fan to which he responded with a poem to her in the same day, many articles about Jack, Olive Thomas clippings, Olive & Jack’s romance, news of Olive’s death, Jack and Marilyn Miller romance and wedding, lots of Miller press, clipping of Jack & Marilyn’s new house in Hollywood, clipping of group of stars including Richard Barthelmess at Constance Talmadge’s beach house in Santa Monica, article “The Question of Jack Pickford” from Motion Picture 1924, clipping about Jack “suffering from a nervous breakdown and a severe cold,” friends say Jack cannot forget his first wife, clippings on end of Miller marriage, many clippings of Jack’s death, his funeral, original envelope from Mary, Doug and Lottie thanking fan Alice Cale for her sympathy, clippings of Marilyn’s death.


Scrapbook #76 [undated].

Description: Large brown scrapbook of D.W. Griffith clippings, in memory of his passing.

Contains: Magazine and newspaper clippings of early Biographs, Lillian Gish, Griffith’s life, ad for Intolerance, Robert Harron and Clarine Seymour (both of whom passed away in youth) in Griffith shorts, not much on Mary Pickford.


Scrapbook #77 [undated].

Description: Large green scrapbook of fan magazine clippings about Mary Pickford, Marguerite Clark, Pearl White and Mae Murray, sent to Mary by fan Mrs. Adeline Derwin of Bellowood, Illinois Feb 1965.

Contains: Miscellaneous pictorial material on Mary Pickford, Marguerite Clark, Pearl White, Irene Castle and Mae Murray from the late 1910s, cut out from fan magazines.