Mary Pickford Historical Articles List

This list of magazine articles is a work in progress, and we will be adding more when we find them.


8mm Collect

Mary Hunts For Her Old Movies. May 1964. E. Gilmore.

Sweetheart at 72. Fall/Winter 1967. M. Brook.

The Films of Mary Pickford in the Eastman Kodak Collection. Summer 1965.
W. A. McWilliams.

Mary Changes Mind on Old Films. Fall/Winter 1965.


American Classic Screen

Remembering the Glad Girl, Part 1 Sept/Oct 1976. John Tibbets.

Remembering the Glad Girl, Part 2 Nov/Dec 1976. John Tibbetts.


American Magazine

Maude Adams of the Movies. April 1914. F.J. Kegler.

Mary Pickford­­ Whose Real Name is Gladys Smith. May 1918. E. Ranck.

Mary Pickford Describes Her Most Thrilling Experience. May 1923.
M.B. Mullett.


American Fortune

Mary Pickford’s Idea of a Living Christmas Tree for Every Child. December 1932. Page 636-37. W. Welsh


American Mercury

The Maude Adams of the Movies” April 1914. Frederick James Smith.

[Portrait] October 1914. Page 48

[Portrait] December 1915. Page 37

Mary Pickford – Whose Real Name is Gladys Smith. May 1918. E.C Panck Page 34-35.

[Portrait] November 1918. Page 35

Mary Pickford Describes Her Most Thrilling Experience. May 1923. Pages 34-35. 104-14. M.B Millett.


Architectural Digest

Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.: The Fabled House of Hollywood’s Royal Couple Apr 1990. Richard Schickel.

Dressing Rooms of the Stars: Vintage Studio Bungalows Tailored to Film Personas
Apr 1992. Marc Wanamaker.


Arts and Decoration

[Portrait] June 1924. Page 12. V. Rutland


Blue Book Magazine

[Sketch] August 1914. Pages 700-3.


Christian Science Monitor

The Art and Industry of Mary Pickford. March 1928. Pages 6, 13, 20, 27. April 1928. Pages 3, 10


Cinema Digest

Mary Pickford. Nov 14, 1932. J. H. Keen.

Mary Pickford. Apr 3, 1933. Mark Larkin.

Mary Pickford and “Peter Pan”. Apr 24, 1933. E. Melcher.


Cine Revue

Les Immortels du Cinéma: Mary Pickford. May 1979. J.V. Cotton.



The Part Her Hair Has Played in Her Career. Aug 1923. B. F. Wilson.


Classic Film Collect

Pickford Recants on Having Her Films Burned. Fall 1966.

The Magic of Mary Pickford Conjures a Little Bit of Eternity. Fall/Winter 1967. A. Brock.

Pickford Gives 50 Films to U.S. Film Institute. Fall 1970 .A. H. Weiler.

Sunnybrook Farm in Nude? Mary Pickford Fears So Winter. 1970. R. Reed.

Pickford’s Life Was Her Best Plot. Winter 1970. T. Donnelly.

Now Just a Voice Behind a Door. Summer 1971. A. Harmetz.

Mary, the Golden Girl. Winter 1971. R. Schickel.



The Cinema in Retrospect. November 1928. Pages 16-25



Greatest Business in the World. June 10, 1922.

[Portrait] January 24, 1925. Page 21

[Portrait] January 16, 1926. Page 17.



Actress from the Movies. July 1913.

[Portrait] November 1917. Page 49

[Portrait] November 1922. Page 67

[Portrait] February 1937. Page 42

[Portrait] January 1946. Page 36

Greatest Stars. Oct 1956.


Current Biography

Biography. April 1945


Current Opinion

Why the Pickfords and Chaplins Are Artists and the Fiskes and Sotherns are Failures in the Screen Drama. September 1917. Pages 174-75

[Portrait] May 1924. Pages 681.



Mary and the Movies. May 1933. Page 30. F.F Parry.


Dramatic Mirror

[Portrait] January 5th, 1918

[Portrait] April 20, 1918. Page 541

[Portrait] September 14, 1918. Page 389

[Portrait] May 13, 1919. Page 751

[Portrait] March 20, 1920. Page 523

[Portrait] August 7, 1920. Page 228



Putting a New Move in the Movies. June 1915. James Shelley Hamilton.

Two Most Popular Women in America. June 1916.

Strenuous Honeymoon. November 1920. A. Woolcott.

How She Stays Young. May 1926. A. Farnsworth.


Feature Movie

The Incomparable Mary. October 10, 1915. Page 8-9. Leo Edwards.



America’s Little Sweetheart. Spring 1971. A. Slide.


Film Fan Monthly

Rediscovering Mary Pickford. December 1970. Paul A. Scaramazza.



Eloquent Though Silent. 1970. G. G. Patterson.


Filmplay Journal

[Portrait] September 1921.

Mary Pickford’s Greatest Love. September 1921. Herbert Howe.

Unreeling the Honor Roll: A Comparative Study of Twelve Leading Players of the Screen. May 1922. Malcolm H. Oettinger.


Film Note

Cartoon Note. Spring 1934. Page 20


Films & Filming

Mary. December 1973. G. Gow.


Films in Review

11 East 14th Street. October 1952. Pages 399-406. Seymour Stern.

United Artists’ 30th Birthday. April 1954. Pages 165-74. Christopher North.

Mary Pickford’s Directors. Feb 1962. Jack Spears.

Marshall Neilan. November 1962. Pages 517-34. Jack Spears.

The Origins of United Artists. Aug/Sept 1959. A.L. Mayer.


Fine Arts Journal

[Portrait] October 1918. Page 3


Fortnightly Reviews

The Drama, the Theatre, and the Films; A Dialogue Between Bernard Shaw and Archibald Henderson. September 1924. Pages 289-302



What Religion Means To Me. August 1933.


Good Housekeeping

Stay Away From Hollywood. Oct 1930. C. MacCulloch.

Where Are Those Second Mary Pickfords? April 1933. F.L. Collins.

Little Liar: Story. August 1934. Pages 22-25



[Portrait] June 26, 1920. Page 1058

[Portrait] May 29, 1926. Page 848


Green Book

Autobiographical. July 1913.

[Portrait] April 1915. Cover.

[Portrait] March 1916. Page 395


Harper’s Bazaar

Autobiographical. April 1917.

[Portrait] August 1928. Page 45

[Portrait] November 1938. Page 81.

[Portrait] January 1942. Page 50


Harper’s Weekly

[Portrait] February 8, 1913


Hearst’s Magazine

[Portrait] November 1915. Pages 326


Illustrated London News

Criticism. June 6, 1931. Page 975. Michael Orme.



The Films Of Mary Pickford with An Index to the Films of Mary Pickford. December 1959. Pages 172-91. James Card.


Independent Woman

Mary Pickford To Lead Drive on Polio. January 1944. Page 30.

A Must do for January. January 1946. Page 26.


Ladies Home Journal

Best­ Known Girl in America; What It Means To Be a Movie Actress. January 1915.

The Care of Her Hair. October 1919.

Women Directors of Plays and Pictures. December 1920. Pages 12-13, 140, 143-44. Henry MacMahom

My Own Story. September 1923.

And So, I Am a Comedienne. July 1925. Pages 57-58. Dorothy Gish.

[Portrait] February 1939. Page 30.

[Portrait] April 1939. Page 34.


Lesley’s Weekly

[Portrait] October 15, 1914. Page 362.

[Portrait] October 22, 1914. Page 386.



The Inside of the Bowl. Spring 1972.



[Portrait] October 18, 1937. Page 54.

[Portrait] November 4, 1940. Page 34.

[Portrait] October 4, 1943. Page 40.

Life Visits Pickfair. November 17, 1947.

Mary’s Mighty Megaphone. April 13, 1953.

Film Pioneers’ Roll of Their Living Immortals. January 23, 1956.

Wistful Reunion at Pickfair. April 16, 1956.


Literary Digest

When Mary Pickford was the Girl With Curls. November 2, 1928.



When Mary Pickford Was the Girl with the Curls. November 3, 1928. Pages 58-63.

Where, Oh Where Are the Beautiful Girls? November 3, 1970. J. Hamilton.


Metropolitan Magazine

[Portrait] June 1921. Page 33.



My Whole Life. Mar, Apr, May, June 1954. Mary Pickford.



[Portrait] September 1914. Page 113.

[Portrait] May 1915. Page 25.

[Portrait] October 1915. Page 19.


Modern Screen

Charity Tea at Pickfair. December 1932.

Hollywood’s Saddest Divorce. September 1933. Carter Bruce.

You Can Get Anything You Want. September 1933. Adele Whitely Fletcher.

Behind the Epidemic of the Divorce Epidemic. October 1933. Harriet Parsons.

For Once! The Truth About Pickford. March 1934. Mary Ann Stevens.

Out Of Their Sorrows. January 1935. Elizabeth MacDonald.

Love Comes to Mary Pickford. March 1937. Martha Kerr.

What They Talk About and How. February 1929. Dorothy Manners.

Hello, Duchess! July 1929. Dorothy Spensley.

The Woman That Was Mary. September 1929. Elisabeth Goldbeck.

Are You the Type? April 1930. Dorothy Manners.

Discoveries About Myself. May 1930. Gladys Hall.

Mary Pickford’s Fighting Mad. September 1930. Campbell MacCulloch.

The Real Mary Pickford. December 1930. Adele Whitely Fletcher.

Mary Pickford Lives for Today. February 1936. Dorothy Donnell.


Motion Picture Classic

[Portrait] December 1915. Page 6.

[Portrait] November 1916.

“Lassie Mary of Killean” [review] February 1917.

Mary Pickford Plus “Silent Money Talk” March 1917. Edna Wright.

[Portrait] March 1917. Cover

Mary Had a Little Tear. September 1917. Frederick James Smith.

“Surely It Can’t Be Mary” July 1918. Martha Groves McKelvie.

[Portrait] September 1918. Page 21.

[Portrait] January 1919. Page 13.

[Portrait] October 1919. Cover

The Mother of Mary. February 1920. Page 38. Mark Larkin.

Understanding Mary. February 1920. Charles Rich.

[Portrait] October 1920. Page 21.

[Portrait] January 1921. Page 43.

[Portrait] July, 1921. Page 14.

[Portrait] October 1921. Page 11.

Interview. January 1922. C.W. Ashworth.

[Portrait] April 1922. Page 26.

Mary…. June 1922. Pages 22, 23, 94. Adele Whitely.

Her Darkest Hour. August 1922. M. Cheatham.

[Portrait] September 1922. Page 1.

Gallant and Golden. February 1923. Page 47. Gladys Hall.

The Golden Scourge. August 1923. Pages 18-20, 80. B.F Wilson.

[Portrait] March 1923. Page 19.

[Portrait] January 1925. Page 31.

Interview. July 1925. H. Carr.

The Most Successful Wife in the World. July 1925. Pages 16-17, 79. Harry Carr.

[Portrait] August 1925. Page 16.

[Portrait] February 1926. Page 20.

[Portrait] June 1926, Page 24.

[Portrait] December 1926. Page 27.

[Portrait] August 1927. Page 13.

[Portrait] June 1928. Page 21.

[Portrait] August 1928. Page 17.

[Portrait] April 1930. Page 27.

[Portrait] December 1930. Pages 27, 78.

Home of Mary Pickford. March 1931. P. Matthews.

[Portrait] April 1931. Page 59.

As a Faith Healer. August 1931. V. T. Lane.

[Portrait] October 1931. Page 21.


Motion Picture Magazine

[Portrait] Gallery of Picture Players: Mary Pickford (“Little Mary”) April 1913.

[Portrait] November 1913. Cover

Chats with the Players: Mary Pickford, of the Famous Players Company
November 1913. Edna Wright.

[Letter] December 1913.

[Letter]March 1914.

[Portrait] Gallery of Picture Players. May 1914.

[Portrait] Gallery of Picture Players. July 1914.

[Portrait] Gallery of Picture Players. October 1914.

Brief Biographies of Popular Players: Mary Pickford. January 1915.

[Sketch] February 1915. Pages 92-94.

[Portrait] March 1915. Pages 84.

[Portrait] June 1915. Cover

[Portrait] September 1915.

A Silent Interview with Mary Pickford. January 1916. Homer Dunne.

[Sketch] January 1916. Pages 91-92. H. Dunne.

[Portrait] Gallery of Picture Players. March 1916.

Chats with the Players: Mrs. Owen Moore, of the Famous Players Company
March 1916. Roberta Courtlandt.

[Letters] Echoes of the Great Cast Contest. March 1916.

[Portrait] March 1915. Pages 22, 49

[Portrait] May 1916. Page 110.

The Twenty Greatest of Filmdom. June 1916. Page 109. Robert Grau.

An Appreciation of Mary Pickford. July 1916. Frederick Wallace.

[Cover] August 1916. Seymour Marcus.

A Call from Mary Pickford. September 1916.

Why Mary Pickford Married Twice. September 1916. Roberta Courtlandt.

[Portrait] September 1916. Page 82

[Sketch] J.G Bastedo. October 1916. Pages 131-132

Our Screen Stars and their Stars November 1916. Johnson Briscoe.

[Portrait] February 1917.

Interview Mary Pickford, Manager. August 1917. R. F. Moore.

The Call to the Colors. November 1917.

Before Nine & After Five with Mary Pickford. November 1917. Peter Gridley Schmid.

Three Lil Pals Together. November 1917.

[Sketch] P.G Schmid. November 1917. Pages 103-105.

Studio Actors Knit with Mary Pickford. April 1918. Peter Sanderson.

Why Do We Love Mary Pickford? May 1918. Clara Louise Leslie.

The Muses of Movie-Land. June 1918. Hazel M. Hutchinson.

A Eulogy to “Little Mary”. July 1918. Arthur C. Brooks.

[Portrait] September 1918.

On Location with Mary Pickford. June 1919. Maude S. Cheatham.

[Cover]August 1919.

The Mother of Mary. September 1919. Mark Larkin.

We Meet Mary. March 1920. Gladys Hall.

Cinema Relations. June 1920. Truman B. Handy.

[Portrait] July 1920.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks. August 1920.

The Princess in the Fairy Tale. October 1920.

As They Were. November 1920.

The Wishing Moon. June 1921.

Who Will Be Peter Pan? September 1921.

[Portrait] November 1921.

A Dual Mary. November 1921.

When the Fairbankses Frolic. December 1921.

[Portrait] March 1922. Cover

The Family Album. March 1922.

Mary… June 1922. Adele Whitely Fletcher.

[Portrait] August 1922.

[Portrait] Tess, the first photograph taken of Mary Pickford in the character of Tess of the Storm Country. September 1922.

In a California Garden. October 1922.

Mary Pickford’s Problem. December 1922. Harry Carr.

[Portrait] Tess the Second. January 1923.

The Passing of Pulchritude. January 1923. Frederick Van Vranken.

[Portrait] Youth. February 1923.

Character Readings of the Noses of Ten Famous Stars. February 1923. H.H. Faulkner.

[Portrait] March 1923.

Picked for Glory by the Talent. March 1923. Harry Carr.

Stills Between Shots. March 1923. Ruth Overton.

The Stars and Their Planets. April 1923. Terraize H. McDonnell.

Genius and Talent. June 1923. Frederick Van Vranken.

[Poems] Vignettes Written of Some Screen Folk. July 1923. Doris Kenyon.

Women’s Work in Motion Pictures. August 1923. Frederick Van Vranken.

[Portrait] September 1923. Page 27

[Portrait] Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks. October 1923.

The Confessions of an Interviewer. March 1924. Harry Carr.

[Portrait] June 1924. Page 1.

We Interview Mary. August 1924. Gladys Hall, Adele Whitely Fletcher.

[Portait] September 1924. Cover

[Illustrations] A Study in Pessimism and Optimism. October 1924. John Decker.

[Portrait] October 1924.

What I Can Read in the Faces of the Film Stars. January 1925. F. Vance De Revere.

[Illustrations] Have You a Pet Superstition? March 1925.

[Illustrations] A Pensive Mary. April 1925. Page 48

[Portrait] May 1925. Page 29

[Portrait] June 1925. Page 32

[Illustrations] Ten Keys for Perfect Locks. July 1925.

No! They Are Not Happy, Even With Wealth and Fame. September 1925. Harry Carr.

The Guardian of “Pickfair”. October 1925.

[Portrait] January 1926. Page 20.

[Portrait] June 1926. Page 24.

When Rags Are Royal Raiment. February 1926.

A Hollywood Idyll. August 1926. Adele Whitely Fletcher.

[Portrait] October 1926. Page 43.

[Portrait] November 1926. Page 15.

[Portrait] Mrs. Doug. February 1927.

Mary Pickford Presents Victoria Zagibalova. April 1927.

Our Unofficial Ambassadors. June 1927. Dwinelle Benthall.

[Portrait] July 1927. Page 34.

When Mrs. Astor Came to Lunch. August 1927. Rilla Page Palmborg.

Mary Plays At Work. Oct 1927.

[Portrait]January 1928.

The Romance of the Movies, Part 2. January 1928. Benj. B. Hampton.

They Can’t Get Away From the Mob. March 1928. Carolyn Dawson.

The World’s Mary. March 1928. D.G. Shore.

Still America’s Sweetheart. June 1928. Dorothy Woolridge.

[Portrait] July 1928. Page 82.

The Gaucho’s Best Girl. August 1928.

Mary Bids Good­ Bye to Curlhood. October 1928. Dorothy Calhoun.

[Portrait] December 1928. Page 35.

[Portrait] January 1929. Page 40

[Sketch] July 1929. Pages 48, 96. Dorothy Spensley

Interview The Woman That Was Mary. September 1929. Elisabeth Goldbeck.

[Portrait] March 1930. Pages 33, 71

[Interview] May 1930. Gladys Hall.

[Portrait] July 1930. Page 35.

Problems of the Motion Picture Relief Fund. September 1930. C. MacCulloch

[Portrait] September 1930. Page 71

The Real Mary Pickford. December 1930. Adele Whitely Fletcher.

[Portrait] January 1931. Page 34.

[Portrait] February 1931. Page 21

[Interview] March 1931. H.L. Walker.

[Portrait] June 1931. Page 71.

[Portrait] April 1931. Page 31

[Portrait] February 1932. Page 21.

The Haunted House of Pickfair. April 1932. Gladys Hall.

The Romance That Hollywood Couldn’t Destroy. May 1932.

[Interview] July 1932. T. Le Berthon.

[Portrait] September 1932. Page 52

[Portrait] January 1933. Page 31

[Interview] February 1933. F. Service.

[Portrait] March 1933. Page 48.

[Portrait] May 1933. Page 30.

[Portrait] September 1933. Pages 1,5,52.

Immortals of the Screen. Oct 1933. S. Lee.

[Portrait] February 1934. Page 41.

Her Own Story. March 1934. Gladys Hall.

[Portrait] April 1934. Pages 52-53.

[Portrait] February 1935. Page 65.

Interview. Fed 1936. D. Donnell.

[Portrait] March 1936. Page 22


Movie Classic

Mary and Doug Will Never Be Divorced! October 1931. Gladys Hall.

[Portrait] January 1933. Page 18

The Headline Career of Doug and Mary. March 1933. Muriel Babcock.

[Portrait]April 1933.

The Breaking Up of Pickfair. September 1933. E. Schallert.

Does Not Want Sex Appeal. September 1933. D. Manners.

Mary and Doug Silent, But Look “Reconciled”. November 1934. Dorothy Calhoun.

Our Mary Becomes Queen of the Air! December 1934. Katherine Hartley.

[Portrait] June 1935. Pages 23, 29

[Interview] November 1935. J. E. Chrisman.

[Interview] February 1936. Pages 38, 78. Dorothy Donnelly


Motion Picture Supplement

[Portrait] September 1915. Page 44


Movie Magazine

Pictures of Last Minute Events [Camera Scoops]. November 1925.


Movie Mirror

[Portrait] March 1933.

An Editor’s Adventures in Hollywood. April 1933. Ruth Waterbury.

Hollywood’s Loneliest People. April 1934. Faith Baldwin.

How To Be Popular as Revealed by Six Stars. August 1934. Adele Whitely Fletcher.

Buddy Rogers’ Own Story of His Romance with Mary Pickford. February 1937. Walter Ramsey.



One Mary in a Million! August 1945. Fredda Dudley.


Moving Pictures World

Majestic Enterprise. November 4, 1911. Page 398

To Re-issue Mary Pickford Films. July 11, 1914. Page 29

Little Mary and Her Correspondents. July 18, 1914. Pages 280-81. George F. Balisdell.

We Meet Mary. March 1920. Pages 52-53, 122. Gladys Hall.



Interview. May 1913. White, Mr. , Jr.

[Portrait] April 1918. 599


Musical Courier

[Portrait] November 4, 1933. Page 2.


Nash’s and Pall Mall Magazine

[Sketch] April 1915. Pages 195-7



[Portrait] June 1915. Page 383

[Portrait] August 1920. Page 211

[Interview] July 1924.

[Interview] March 1929. Elisabeth Goldbeck.


National Board of Review

America’s Sweetheart. February 1931. Pages 8-10.


New France

William S. Hart Judged by the Great French Actor. December 1918. Page 314. C.D. Dullin.

[Sketch] October 1919. Pages 400, 428


New Movie Album

[Portrait] 1930.


New Movie Magazine

Mary Pickford’s Ten Favorite Film Stars. Feb 1932. Heywood Broun.

Can Mary Pickford Come Back? St. Johns. August 1932. Adela Rogers.

The Domestic Side of Mary and Doug. May 1932. E.R. Moak.

[Portrait] March 1933.

St. Patrick’s Day in Hollywood. March 1933.


New Republic

Queen of My People. July 7, 1917. V. Lindsay.

To What Green Altar? February 15, 1919. Pages 80-81. Harvey O’Higgins

Mary Pickford: The Little Girl in Curls. June 6, 1955. D. Schwartz



She Tunes In On God, a 24 Hour Station. November 10, 1934.

[Portrait] May 16, 1936. Page 42.

[Portrait] August 29, 1938. Page 4.

[Portrait] July 28, 1947. Page 32.

Where Are They Now? November 6, 1967.


New Yorker

Sweetheart. April 7, 1934. Pages 29-33. Mary Case Harriman


New York Times Book Review

Talk with Mary Pickford. June 12, 1955. L. Nichols.


New York Dramatic Mirror

[Portrait] December 6, 1911

[Sketch] January 29th, 1913

[Portrait] March 19, 1913

[Portrait] June 10, 1914.


New York Times

[Portrait] April 20, 1947. Page 61

America’s Sweetheart Lives. March 28, 1971. A. Harmetz.



To Destroy All Her Old Films. May 13, 1931.



Mary Pickford, A Closeup. March 1928. M. London.


Photo-Play Journal

[Portrait] Mary Pickford (Artcraft). October 1917.

Little Mary’s Glad Hand. October 1917.



The Charm of Wistfulness: An Interview with “Little Mary” Pickford, “The Good Little Devil”. August 1913. Estelle Kegler.

Photograhic Art Studies: Mary Pickford (“Little Mary” ). September 1913.

The Photoplayers­­ Facts of Interest About Their Personalities. September 1913.

Mary Pickford and Owen Moore in “Caprice”. January 1914.

[Cover] September 1914.

The Unspoiled Mary Pickford. September 1914. Katherine Synon.

To Mary Pickford [Verse]. December 1914. Nicholas Vachel Lindsay.

“Movie” Stars on the Move. February 1915. Charles W. North.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. March 1915. Hazel Fuller.

A Week­end with Mary Pickford. March 1915. Edna Wright.

“Clothes”. May 1915. Grace Kingsley.

The Queen A­ Working Goes. June 1915.

Impressions. June 1915. Pages 49-50. Julian Johnson.

Pickford the Second. June 1915. Pages 27-30. Kenneth Owen.

Movie Royalty in California: Estates and Palatial Homes Bestowed on Photoplayers by their Calling. June 1915. Grace Kingsley.

[Portrait] Two Stars in Filmdom. July 1915.

[Portrait] September 1915. Page 26

[Portrait] November 1915.

[Portrait] Fashions and the Screen. November 1915.

[Portrait] Fashions and the Screen. November 1915.

Mary Pickford: Herself and Her Career, Part 1. November 1915. Julian Johnson.

When Mary Pickford Came to Me. December 1915. David Belasco.

Mary Pickford: Herself and Her Career, Part 2. January 1916. Julian Johnson.

Mary Pickford: Herself and Her Career (Conclusion). February 1916. Julian Johnson.

This House Mary Pickford Was Born. April 1916.

You Know the Girl; The Man’s Her Director. August 1916.

The Story of D.W Griffith. June-November 1916. Henry Gordon.

Mary Pickford to the Trenches. September 1916.

Mary Pickford at Home. December 1916.

Presenting a Six­ Part Serial Entitled “Mysteries of Mary”. March 1917.

[Portrait] The World’s Most Unappreciative Boy. May 1917.

Elevating Star Instead of Stage. July 1917.

[Portrait] August 1917.

The Golden Triplets. August 1917.

Some Palaces the Fans Built. Aug 1917

My, Ain’t She Grand? September 1917.

When Charley Dropped in for a Visit. Sept 1917.

[Portrait] Your Name, Please? September 1917.

Clothes: Some New and Charming Costumes Designed for Mary Pickford. October 1917.

Stars of the Screen and their Stars in the Sky: Nativity of Mary Pickford, Born April 8th . October 1917. Ellen Woods.

Our Mary and her Owen. November 1917.

The Great Liberty Bond Holdup. December 1917. V.13 no.1

[Portrait] December 1917.

Perils of a Critic. February 1915.

Mary Pickford with her Mother and Mother­ in ­Law (Mrs. Moore). March 1918.

“Oh Mickey!” March 1918.

[Portrait]April 1918. V.13 no.5

Women I Have Loved. May 1918. Elliott Dexter.

“Colonel Mary” of the 143rd May 1918.

Star Dust. June 1918. Pages 18-20. James Quirk.

Mary Pickford, the Girl. July 1918. Delight Evans.

Colonel Mary of the 143rd Field Artillery U.S.A. Sept 1918.

Mary Pickford Retired? October 1918. Page 85

How Griffith Picks His Leading Women. December 1918. Harry C. Carr. Pages 24-25

Grand Crossing Impressions [Verse]. Jan 1919. Delight Evans.

All They Say Is: “See Our Lawyer!” May 1919.

Movie­ Dolls: Mary Pickford (No. 1). June 1919.

[Portrait]. August 1919.

Mary Pickford’s Silent Partner. August 1919.

Mary Pickford’s Adopted “Grandmother”. September 1919.

[Portrait] November 1919.

To a Certain Girl [Editorial]. December 1919.

Owen Talks About Mary Dec 1919.A. Smith.

[Drawing] Her Applause. January 1920.

A Flyer in Pasts. January 1920. Adela Rogers St. Johns.

[Portrait] February 1920. p101

Mary Pickford­­ Director. 1920. M. Lewis Russel.

Mary, the Well Beloved. April 1920. Randolph Bartlett.

The Pickford­ Fairbanks Wooing. June 1920. Billy Bates.

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks. August 1920.

West is East [Verse]. September 1920. Delight Evans.

[Cover] [from the pastel portrait by Rolf Armstrong] October 1920.

Homes the Movies Built. November 1920.

Mary! Mary! January 1921. Olga Petrova.

Miss Mary Pickford, or Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks (fourth of a series of dry­point etchings by Walter Tittle). February 1921.

Famous Families of the Films. Feb 1921.

[Portrait] May 1921. p43

[Portrait]June 1921. p16

[Portrait]Oct 1921. p38

Why Does the World Love Mary? December 1921. Adela Rogers St. Johns.

[Portrait] June 1922. Page 27

[Portrait] Mary’s New Clothes. June 1922. August 1922.

[Portrait] Mary Pickford. November 1922.

[Portrait] February 1923. Page 25

[Portrait] March 1923. Page 48

[Portrait] December 1923.

The Twelve Greatest Figures in Motion Pictures Today [compiled by Motion Picture News] February 1923.

Read Your Character from These. March 1923. E. O’Malley.

Hard Luck Tales of Stars. May 1923.

[Portrait] Mary Pickford as Juliet. June 1923.

The Romantic History of the Motion Picture (Chapter XVI). July 1923. Terry Ramsaye.

Her Beginning in Moving Pictures. July 1923. Terry Ramsaye.

What Their Wives Say About Them? September 1923.

How They Do Grow Up! October 1923. Adela Rogers St. Johns.

Mary’s New Role. October 1923.

Mary Pickford’s Favorite Stars and Films. January 1924. Herbert Howe.

[Portrait] Who is Your Favorite Screen Beauty? January 1924.

Mary’s Valentine to Photoplay Readers. March 1924.

Mary Pickford in “Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall”. May 1924.

Photoplay Readers Choose the Eight Most Beautiful Stars of the Screen.
May 1924.

Their Pet Aversions. June 1926.

[Portrait] Mary and Doug. August 1923. V.26 no.3

[Portrait] August 1924. Page 53

[Portait] Mary Pickford at Aix­Les­Bains, France. September 1924.

[Portrait] Mary and Doug at Aix­Les­Bains, France. September 1924.

Horoscope of Stars as Read for Photoplay: Mary Pickford.
November 1924. Evangeline Adams.

[Portrait] January 1925.

When I Am Old, as Told by Mary Pickford. February 1925. Russell J. Birdwell.

Simple Little Dressing Rooms for the Studio Hired Hands. June 1925.

[Portrait] May 1925. Page 65.

Mary is Looking for Pictures. June 1925. Mary Pickford.

The Public Just Won’t Let Mary Pickford Grow Up. September 1925. James R. Quirk.

Mary Pickford Awards. October 1925. Mary Pickford.

The Perils of Monotony. November 1925. Robert Sherwood. Pages 70, 123

“Zorro” Has His Bark at Art. November 1925.

Uncle Sam’s Adopted Children. January 1926.

A Calendar of Stars; Some Impressions in Verse. February 1926. Margaret Sangster.

Your Name! What Does It Mean to Your Destiny? April 1926. Elizabeth Sears.

[Portrait] Mary Pickford. October 1926. Page 78.

[Portrait] December 1926. Page 30.

Camp Fairford on the Pacific. January 1927.

How To Hold Your Youth. February 1927. Agnes Smith.

The Married Life of Doug and Mary. December 1927. Adela Rogers St. Johns.

[Portrait] June 1927. Page 62.

“It Is Just Your Color, Madame!” November 1927.

[Portrait] January 1928. Pages 21, 68

Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks Analyzes Mary Pickford. March 1928. Alma Whitaker.

Why Mary Pickford Bobbed Her Hair. September 1928. Adela Rogers St. Johns.

[Portrait] February 1929. Page 47

How They Manage Their Homes. May 1929. Alma Whitaker.

Whoopee! Here Comes Mary. May 1929.

[Portrait] October 1929.

The Stars’ Two Faces­­ and What They Tell! June 1930. W.E. Benton.

Beauty, Brains or Luck? August 1930. Adele Whitely Fletcher.

How About Mary and Doug? August 1930. Leonard Hall.

[Portrait] October 1930. Page 144.

[Portrait] December 1930. Page 32.

Mary Pickford Denies All! January 1931. Katherine Albert.

Doug’s New Picture­­ Mary Makes One, Too! February 1931.

The Big Four of 1920. March 1931.

“Hello Mary”. April 1931. Edwin Morton.

As Mary Faces Forty. May 1931. Ruth Biery.

Inside Politics of the Studios. August 1931. Ruth Biery.

[Portrait] September 1931. Page 39.

The Unknown Hollywood I Know, Part 2. November 1931. Katherine Albert.

The Unknown Hollywood I Know, Part 3. November 1931. Katherine Albert.

[Portrait] January 1932. Page 90.

[Portrait] The New Pickfair. April 1932, June 1932.

Pickfair. April 1932. Pages 32-35.

Helpful Summer Make­ Up Hints. June 1932. Carolyn Van Wyck.

[Portrait] July 1932. Page 98.

How to Give a Hollywood Party. September 1932. Lois Shirley.

Mary Pickford on the “Secrets” Set. February 1933.

[Portrait] April 1933. Page 28

Mary Returns to Herself. March 1933. Mark Larkin.

Photoplay’s Hollywood Beauty Shop. June 1933. Carolyn Van Wyck.

“All Women Are Sirens at Heart” Says Mister Lubitsch.
Aug 1933. May Allison Quirk.

Close-ups and Long Shots [Editorial]. September 1933. Kathryn Dougherty.

So Comes the End of the Rainbow Trail! September 1933. Agnes Foster.

Close-ups and Long Shots [editorial on Pickford­ Fairbanks divorce].
Feb 1934. Kathryn Doughery.

[Portrait] March 1934. Page 12.

Mary Pickford’s Search for Happiness. February 1935. Margaret E. Sangster.

The Fairbanks’ Social War Is On! August 1936. Janet Mercer.

[Portrait] August 1936. Page 68.

[Portrait] September 1937. Page 50.

[Portrait] April 1938. Pages 20, 35.

[Portrait] June 1938. Page 19.

[Portrait] August 1938. Page 32.

America’s Sweetheart is Alive and Well. September 1971.


Pictorial Review

Why I Have Not Bobbed Mine April 1927.

Going Back to the Stage. March 1931.

Mary Pickford’s Empty Arms. January 1934. J. Shawell.

[Portrait] November 1935. Page 55.

[Portrait] November 1938. Page 37.

[Portrait] August 1939. Page 32.

[Portrait] January 1941. Page 61.


The Players Showcase

America’s Sweetheart­­ Mary Pickford. Winter 1966. Betty Lasky.


Red Book Magazine

[Portrait] July 1913.

[Portrait] December 1913.

[Portrait] September, 1914. Page 837.

[Portrait] October 1917.

[Portrait] June 1921. 19.

[Portrait] September 1922. Page 23.

[Portrait] September 1923. Page 23.



[Portrait] May 1947. Page 16.


Saturday Evening Post

[Portrait] November 10, 1923. Page 14.

[Portrait] May 1,1926. Page 15.

Ambassadors. Aug 23, 1930.


Saturday Review

[Portrait] August 24 1935. Page 11.

Sweetheart and the Silver. June 11, 1955. A. Churchill.


Screen Book

Mary Pickford Confirms Separation. September 1933.

She Walks Alone. October 1933. Jerry Lane.


Screen Greats

When Silence Was Golden. Summer 1971.


Screen Play

Separated! Why the Pickford­ Fairbanks Marriage Failed. September 1933. Lew Garvey.

Mary Pickford Offers $1,000 in Cash Prizes. March 1936. Clark Warren.


Screen Play Secrets

Around the World with Mary and Doug. April 1930. Ruth Biery.



[Portrait] November 1921.

[Portrait] October 1922.

[Cover] May 1926. Jay Weaver [Illustrator]

Mary Pickford Gives Her Vanity Case. May 1926.

A Christmas Editorial­-Mary’s Way. December 1926. Eliot Keen.

[Portrait] Jan 1929.

[Portrait] Feb 1930.

Their Own Travelogue. April 1930.

The Heart of Hollywood. November 1930. Helen Ludlam.

[Portrait] January 1931.

Mary and Mickey. October 1932.

The Editor’s Page: Two Great Come­ Backs. March 1934. Delight Evans.

The Movie Romance That Shocked the World. July 1934. Princess Catherine Radziwill.



The Autobiography of a Film Fan, V. June 25, 1938. Herb Sterne.



Beauty in Relation to Style Trends. December 1933. Kay Rogers.


The Silent Picture

Mary Pickford­­, Comedienne. Spring 1971. B. Bergsten.

Correspondence: Promotional Methods in the Methods. Spring 1973.
Gabrielle du Chesne Trounson.


Silver Screen

A Calendar for Movie Fans for 1931. January 1931.

[Portrait] February 1933.

Mary Pickford to Make “Peter Pan”. May 1933. Eliot Keen.

Hollywood in the Pinches. July 1933. Adela Rogers St. Johns.

Who Will Be the Queen of Hollywood? November 1933. Muriel Babcock.

The Girl Who was the First Movie Star. February 1934. Adela Rogers St. Johns.



Review–“A Good Little Devil”. June 1913. W.P. Dodge.

[Portrait] September 1913. Cover.

[Portrait] January 1914.

[Portrait] August 1914. Page 53.

[Portrait] January 1915. Cover.

Mary Pickford’s Work in Motion Pictures. June 1915. Pages 176-78. W.P Dodge.

[Portrait] November 1915. Page 247.

[Portrait] July 1916. Cover

[Portrait] August 1917. Page 75.

[Portrait] September 1917. Page 181.

[Portrait] November 1917. Page 325.

[Portrait] December 1918. Page 387.

The Body in the Bosphorus. Mary Pickford. April 1919. Page 253.

[Portrait] July 1922. Page 40.

[Portrait] August 1925. Page 32.

[Portrait] June 1929. Page 24.

[Portrait] November 1930. Page 33.



[Portrait] October 10, 1938. Page 52.

[Portrait] January 15, 1940

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[Portrait] July 28, 1947. Page 32.


Vanity Fair

[Portrait] April 1927. Page 71.

[Portrait] January 1928. Page 53.

[Portrait] July 1928. Page 40.

[Portrait] September 1928. Page 77.

[Portrait] December 1929. Page 97.

Appreciation. June 1930. D. Fairbanks Jr.

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The End of an Era. Aug 1932. C.B. Brokaw.

[Portrait] March 1934. Page 25.

Mary Pickford: An Appreciation. Douglas Fairbanks. June 30, 1953. Page 34.



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Woman’s Home Companion

[Portrait] October 1915. Page 16.

[Portrait] February 1919. Page 47.

Too Much Mary? August 1919.

Mary Pickford’s Successors. February 1929. F.L. Collins.


World Today

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